8 May 2017 ITSS

ITSS is organizing a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training course on 22 and 23 June 2017 in Geneva

​  ITSS is organizing a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training course on 22 and 23 June 2017 in Geneva, in French, at a cost of 1600 CHF for both days (certification included), in partnership with Michel Goldenberg, Certified Scrum Trainer and Alexandre Cuva, Agile coach.

Please register on the ITSS website or contact Marc Burlereaux ( mburlereaux@itssglobal.com ) for registration or further information. This training is eligible for 14 PDUs. This training will be given in French, but we can schedule another session in English.

CSM – Certified Scrum Master

This course covers all subjects required to pass the CSM exam as well as some additional agile subjects beneficial to the success of the transformation projects. The emphasis is on teaching attendees practical tools and techniques that they can use in their work as a Scrum Master.

The main topics are listed below. Participants will also be able to add subjects of their choice according to their needs.

Agenda includes (but is not limited to):

  • The Scrum Theory and its History
    • The Basics of Scrum and Agility
    • The PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
    • The Kaizen
  • The content of Scrum
    • The roles of Scrum
    • Scrum meetings
    • Scrum artifacts
    • Definition of Done
    • User Stories
    • Agile Estimates

BIOS of the two trainers

Michel Goldenberg :

He is the oldest certified Scrum Trainer, which became CST in 2009 and has earned a solid reputation over the past 15 years in Agile Transformation and Lean Management. Michel likes to give training in pairs and help people develop their skills in Agile and Lean Management. Michel helped seven people become Certified Scrum Trainers and two became Certified Enterprise Coaches.

Michel helped grow the Agile Tour around the world with events in South America and Asia and he was able to add 16 new cities in one year. In 2017, he is co-president of the biggest Agile event in Europe, the Global SCRUM GATHERING® Dublin 2017. (https://www.scrumalliance.org/sgdub ), (http://info.scrumalliance.org/EB-2017-02-09-SG-Update_LP—SGDUB-Open-Space-Every-Day.html ). His international and atypical career has led him to work with a wide variety of teams in numerous companies in various sectors including National Bank of Canada, Hydro Quebec, Kisio Digital, Orange Labs, Vermeg, Electronic Arts, Alcatel-Lucent , NOKIA, M6, ADEO, Leroy Merlin and many other leaders in their markets.

Alexandre CUVA :

A recognized specialist with 18 years of experience in an international environment, Alexandre is Coach Agile Lean, Speaker and Independent Trainer. He has a solid background in computer science, as a Developer, Architect, Coach Agile, in finance, government and insurance. Almost 4 years of agile leadership practice in outsourcing, where he was co-founder and CEO of SmartDev LLC, an Agile IT company in Vietnam of a hundred employees without hierarchical management using the ROWE practice (Result Office Working Environment). He was also Technical Director at Smartlink SA, a Swiss financial company in mobile payment, where he applied the principles of Lean Management / Agile and supports Scrum teams in Vietnam and India. In addition to coaching, Alexandre Cuva provides training and presentations on agility, Kanban, team dynamism, collaboration in remote environments, happiness, agile leadership, Management 3.0, agile transition, agility on a large scale and agile development practices in Java, C #, JavaScript and Groovy. Accustomed to manifestations in the world (XPDay, SoftShake, Agile Tour, ScrumBeer, …). Alexandre is co-founder of the ScrumBeers of Geneva, Lausanne, Da Nang (Vietnam) and member of the Agile Vietnam committee. Alexandre is Co-President of Agile Tour World in Vietnam and Speaker during Agile 2017 Orlando.

For more information regarding our service offerings, our solutions and our references, please visit our website :: www.itssglobal.com. Information  Technology  Solutions  Services  SARL  (ITSS) is a global  banking software integrator headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with regional offices in Luxembourg, India, Morocco, USA, Singapore, Mexico, South-Africa, Dominican Republic, Panama, Tunisia. 16 Years of consistent delivery has propelled the company to an industry leading position offering a whole range of technology services and products in the T24™ and Banking Industry. ITSS has more than 220 multilanguage consultants (English, spanish, french, german,…).

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