17 May 2017 ITSS

ITSS Silver Partner at the TCF2017, was honoured to meet you and remains at your disposal to continue our discussions

Geneva, May 17th 2017

It was our pleasure get a chance to talk to you during the course of the TCF in Lisbon and we were delighted to welcome you on our ‘Silver Partner’ stand. It gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better and discuss your upcoming projects. We look forward to continuing these discussions and supporting you in your ongoing projects. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff whom you met, or to send us an email atsales@itssglobal.com. We will ensure that you get the assistance you require.

Our focus is to implement, upgrade and optimise your T24 platform, your WealthSuite Front-Office PM™ (better known as Triple’A™); to integrate web portals and digital solutions thanks to our expertise in Edge Connect as well as ODATA; to put in place BPM solutions to automate Client On-Boarding, KYC, and all other processes that need to be managed in and around T24™ and Triple’A™; to enable business transformation using Agile methodologies and automated testing tools.

For more information regarding our service offerings, our solutions and our references, please visit our website :  www.itssglobal.com. Information  Technology  Solutions  Services  SARL  (ITSS) is a global  banking software integrator headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with regional offices in Luxembourg, India, Morocco, USA, Singapore, Mexico, South-Africa, Dominican Republic, Panama, Tunisia. 16 Years of consistent delivery has propelled the company to an industry leading position offering a whole range of technology services in the T24™ & WealthSuite Front Office PM™ (Triple’A™) Industry (including Edge Connect expertise). ITSS has more than 220 multilanguage consultants (english, spanish, french, german,…).