Testing tool for your core-banking system

ITSS has designed T3TM in response to customers needing to perform automated testing when implementing, upgrading or re implementing T24TM. The solution can also be used when developing new modules. The solution therefore has a positive impact on reducing the cost when implementing new T24TM systems. T3TM is a non-regression testing tool especially designed for T24TM. Its client-server architecture allows a quick handling and does not require any special technical skills. Whether the users are developers, testers or end users, they can execute their tests during the same length of time. T3TM is implemented in a short period of time to allow customers to benefit from the tool,

T-DMTM is a document management solution specially designed to be integrated within any core banking solution. The solution therefore allows the bank to create workflow solutions between the different persons in the bank. T-DMTM is completely modular: all the functionalities are grouped in modules exposing the services which can be activated/deactivated according to the user profile.

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