SigmaSuites Reporting (Global Reporting Solution) 

SigmaSuites Reporting solution provides the bank with a fully integrated, simple, easy-to-use and secure platform to produce reports requested by the bank’s services. With simple architecture interfaces with any Core Banking.

Beyond regulatory reports and declarations, the solution may be expandable to the production and provision of the accounting data requested by the auditors.
The overall solution is achieved at a lower cost and time than the market.


Overview of SigmaSuite Reporting,
Secured Reporting Banking platform.


Overview of SigmaSuite Reporting

Simple and easy to use secured Reporting Banking platform fully integrated with any core banking or information system. This program  incorporates the following  thee modules:

Sigma Integrator: Used to extract data and power the solution base from any Core Banking. Import data for the database power from different application sources that make up the IS of the bank

Sigma Designer: Organization of data according to the specific repository of the data source in the SI of the bank. Provenance (ex: internal account plan, economic agent …)

Thanks to this module, the production of reports becomes very simplified, scalable and adaptable to any type of repository present in the bank. Unlike other Reporting architectures, Sigma Designer uses a functional dimension reflecting banking activity. An attribute repository is available in the solution in addition of other attributes that is possible with a simple and intuitive setup.

Sigma Publisher: Performs mapping between the data source-specific repository and the SigmaSuites Reporting solution repository required by the reports. This phase constitutes the prerequisite before the final consolidation of the data

This module is dedicated to the production and manipulation of regulatory and management reports (Risk, Finance, Audit, Agency, Marketing, etc.). It will also be possible to produce the financial reports, the activity reports, the financial performance indicators, the follow-up of profitability …

SigmaSuite Standard Modules
Report production is very fast and simple

SigmaSuite Standard Modules
Banking Report production is very fast and simple with SigmaSuite Reporting (Audit, Change, Insurance, MIS, …)


(Countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, …)Balance Sheet & Annexes (Ventilated per Sector, per Currency, etc.), Monthly Statement, Liquidity Ratio, Profit & Loss, External Investments, Classification of Accounts per Aging Status


Customer conquest compared with previsions, previous years, Opening / Closures Accounts per Branch, per Account/Customer Category, Active / Overdue / Dormant Accounts,Turnover per Account (during a specific period),Outstanding ...


Classification of Liabilities per Contract, Debit Account, Off-balance Sheet, Provisions Constitution, Risk Statement, Impaid Statement, Overdraft Limits, Maturities forecast over 30 days (number parametered), Rate of Contentious / Doubt Debts